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BairesDev is an offshore development company supported by a workforce of 550+ software engineers providing high-performance solutions of varying complexity, in the most popular technologies and frameworks in the market today.

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24/7 Talent Recruitment

With round the clock vetting, our development services stay topped up with the most skilled talent in software engineering.

100% Team Integration

Engineers are available to fully participate in your staff's daily processes and progress reports based on your preferences.

US and Latin America

With resources in both the US and Latin America, from East to West Coast, we offer available talent across a variety of time zones.

Scale Your Team Quickly

Thanks to the professional acumen and scheduling flexibility of our engineers, scaling teams is fast and simple.

Available For Any Project

From prototyping to full-scale development, testing and systems management, any project is eligible to Staff Augmentation.

Customize Your Pricing Plan

Access our professional services through fixed or flexible payments (per hour, week or month) depending on the project's timeline.

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